At Proteus, we are dedicated to delivering the highest revenues, quality and profitability for all our clients in the Fostering and Health and Social Care Sectors through over 50 years of combined experience, expertise and working knowledge of the industry at the highest levels. Our aim is to work in partnership with you, over an extended period where required, to fully develop and realise the true potential of your business through business, financial and comparative analysis as well as focussing on delivering the highest standards and quality of care.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business (organically or through acquisition), develop an exit strategy, understand the current local market conditions and national trends or just want the peace of mind that you are on the right track, Proteus will provide an informed and professional solution to your needs.

We are continually in communication with a plethora of acquirers who are looking to expand their regional, national and international networks and some who are looking for a platform business to enter the sector. We can advise you of current acquirers who are extremely keen to develop their networks today, and/or help you develop your business for a potential sale in the future.

Just like the original Proteus of “Greek” mythology; the “Old man of the Sea” and purportedly the eldest son of Poseidon, you will find us extremely flexible, versatile and sincere; we tell you how it is and give you a straight forward, honest assessment of your business and provide you with the necessary tools to maximise your true business potential.